Sponsor Code Availability

Quite often, companies using Web Polygraph need to add a new feature. These companies pay for the required development and become Polygraph sponsors. The code they sponsor is committed to the development branch of Polygraph source code tree and is made available to the sponsor and other users with access to the development branch.

Development code is propogated to public Polygraph releases. Propogation speed depends on the amount of changes, user demand, and available Measurement Factory resources. Sometimes, a sponsor wants its customers to be able to use the new features before they are publicly available. In this case, the sponsor should make a corresponding arrangement with us. We are happy to provide development snapshots to those customers. Obtaining a snapshot from The Measurement Factory guarantees its freshness and avoids suspecions that the code has secret vendor-specific kludges. We may also warn customers of any known caveats related to the snapshot.

If you are a customer that was directed by a vendor to this page, and you need access to the development snapshot, please e-mail team at measurement-factory.com a vendor name and needed features.