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Mailing List

If you are interested in HTTP benchmarking, want to influence Polygraph development, or discuss testing strategies and results, please subscribe to our mailing list. The subscription is open to anyone, and you must be a subscriber to post messages.

Mailing list instructions and archives are available elsewhere. If everything else fails, please contact us by other means.

The mailing list is searchable.

Polygraph mailing list is moderated in hope to maintain high quality of public messages and annoy fewer subscribers. The list moderation policy is simple: the moderator may block any e-mail from reaching the list. Common blocking reasons are outlined below. In most cases, the moderator will reply to the sender if the e-mail was blocked.

  1. Questions already answered elsewhere may be blocked.
  2. Large e-mail attachments may be blocked.
  3. E-mails in formats other than plain ASCII text may be blocked.
  4. Messages clearly not meant for a Polygraph list may be blocked (e.g., questions about defeating a human polygraph test).
  5. Messages clearly not meant for a public list may be blocked (e.g., private replies sent to the list by mistake).

List moderation can be turned on or off at any time.

All messages sent to the list, including the blocked ones, may be archived for public access.

The traffic volume is usually less than a message per day except around big benchmarking events such as cache-offs.

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