Select the appropriate release category and distribution format.

The latest release: Use the most recent version if you have no preferences. It contains the latest public features, but may be unstable. 4.13.0 n/a
Stable release: Stable release is for all production tests that do not require recently added features of the latest public or private releases. 4.9.0 n/a
Private release: Private releases contain new features sponsored by various companies. These releases should be made public after about six months of private use, but may be delayed longer when release engineers are overloaded. The change log includes private release information. For access to private releases, please contact the Measurement Factory. 5.0.0 n/a
Other releases: Use other releases if you need to duplicate a result and want to use the exact same software version. elsewhere

Licensing terms and change log are also available.

All sources are stored in "gzipped tar" format (.tgz or .tar.gz filename extensions). Note that some popular browsers are known to corrupt gzipped files in various ways! If you cannot unpack the downloaded file, compare its MD5 checksum with the official one. If the checksum does not match, your browser is buggy; use a different browser or, better, a non-interactive fetch tool like wget. MS Windows binaries and setup tools are stored in "zip" format (.zip extensions).

A researchy paper about Web Polygraph internals, written for the SP&E journal is available in gzipped Postscript and PDF formats.

The entire Web Polygraph documentation is available for download as a single 400KB gzipped tar file.

Versions prior to 2.6 were maintained at the old Polygraph web site.