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Web Polygraph is capable of simulating numerous workloads. Here we just give a few useful examples, including standard workloads. Note that while overall description of a workload does not depend on Polygraph version, the corresponding PGL configuration may change as the benchmark evolves. You have a choice of using the version of Polygraph specified in the workload description or adjusting the given configuration for newer versions of Polygraph.

Workload names usually end with a number (e.g., PolyMix-3 or WebAxe-4). That number represents "generation" of the workloads. Usually, workloads from the same generation have similar base features and are supported by the same Polygraph version. If possible, use the latest generation of workloads.

For each workload below, please read the entire description before trying things.

Beware that merely duplicating a Polygraph configuration is usually not sufficient for accurate reproduction of the results. Operating system tuning and other activities must be conducted first.

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