Repeated simulations

From: Svensson, Andreas (
Date: Thu Oct 25 2001 - 08:44:27 MDT

If I split the polymix-3 simulation into two parts (fill and test), I
don't get the same results as with regular simulations when I have heavy
traffic. E.g. for 400rps:
My test after fill: Response time: 1801.28 msec - misses: 3211.60 msec -
hits: 241.00 msec Hit Ratio: 50.52 %
Regular Polymix-3: Response time: 1858.70 msec - misses: 3214.92 msec -
hits: 152.50 msec Hit Ratio: 46.93 %
For low traffic, e.g. 150rps, I don't have this problem. Why do I get
different results when I split the simulation? Is there any way I can
fix that?

Thanks, Andreas

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