Testing Squid on Redhat 7.1 with Polygraph

From: Larry Creech (lcreech@epicrealm.com)
Date: Wed Oct 17 2001 - 13:53:25 MDT

[ Moderator's note: this may be more appropriate for squid-users list ]

Are there any recommended kernel tweaks for linux 2.4.x series? I've noticed
that the proxy can handle 1000 robots at 400reps/sec (0.4 req_rate) with the
robot pconn_use_lmt commented out. If the number of robots is increased an
the rate is maintained, TCP connections are dropped and the proxy cannot
keep up. Likewise if persistent connection are re-enabled on the robots, the
squid/RH7.1 proxy cannot handle even 500 robots at 200reps/sec unless I set
the pconn_use_lmt to 2. The squid is not overloading the box, but there
seems to be a maximum number of TCP connections at one time which. To get
more out of this, what need should be tweaked? Kernel (/proc) and/or squid?

Larry Creech

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