Re: DNS lookup error

From: Alex Rousskov (
Date: Mon Oct 15 2001 - 10:48:19 MDT

On Sun, 14 Oct 2001, Eli Sagie wrote:

> After installing and configuring FreeBSD 4.3 TMF & Polygraph-2.7.3
> as standard scheme (no router network)I have this error:
> " error:n/n (c63) timout waiting for DNServer response"
> " failed to lookup w1083.h1133o1101s1010.bench.tst:80 after
> 1 attemts; last reid:1024"
> and repeating for each address.

except Polygraph spells "attempts" correctly :-)

> When I:
> % dig @polydns w1083.h1133o1101s1010.bench.tst
> I get correct reply.
> I had followed all instructions precisly (according to
> What could be wrong?

This is most likely a routing problem. Dig uses your "real" network
interface that can reach the DNS server. Robots are bound to the
loopback interface and, hence, need routes to talk to the outside

Unfortunately, there is no option to dig to use a specific source IP.
However, you can test your routing by using ping and telnet from a
robot alias to the DNS server. Both ping and telnet have options to
bind to a specific IP. For example:
> ping -S polydns
> telnet -s polydns 53

You may find TMF routing scripts in the following section useful:

Also see


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