DNS lookup error

From: Eli Sagie (elis@microsoft.com)
Date: Mon Oct 15 2001 - 02:46:35 MDT

Hi there,

After installing and configuring FreeBSD 4.3 TMF & Polygraph-2.7.3 as
standard scheme (no router network)I have this error:

"DnsXact.cc:83 error:n/n (c63) timout waiting for DNServer response"
" failed to lookup w1083.h1133o1101s1010.bench.tst:80 after
1 attemts; last reid:1024"
and repeating for each address.

When I:
% dig @polydns w1083.h1133o1101s1010.bench.tst
I get correct reply.
I had followed all instructions precisly (according to
What could be wrong?

Eli Sagie
Performance Lab Manager
Cell: 054 998041
Office: 972 4 8561068
Lab: 972 4 8561067

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