public_interest field

From: Ahuja Sadhna (NRC/Boston) (
Date: Thu Oct 11 2001 - 12:27:09 MDT

        I am interested in testing peering capabilities between two
caches. So, I would like to find out how can polyclt processes running
on two different machines make some common requests to their respective
caches. I have looked at the "proxy cache cooperation" thread
( ), but
I am not sure I understand it well.

The Polygraph docs
( ) say:
"...each robot has to maintain two ``worlds'' of URLs. The first,
``public'', world is shared among all the robots of all polyclt
processes. The second, ``private'', world is not shared. For every
request, Polygraph decides which world should be hit based on robot's
public_interest configuration field. "

Does it mean that the "public" world is shared by robots of all polyclt
processes running on the same machine? Or is it a fixed set of URLs that
is shared across multiple machines?

Is the value of public_interest a probability relative to the recurrence


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