Testing Squid with Polygraph

From: Ahuja Sadhna (NRC/Boston) (Sadhna.Ahuja@nokia.com)
Date: Tue Oct 02 2001 - 14:01:41 MDT

        I am trying to test my Squid cache with the polymix-3 workload.
(Note: Sorry, I am still using older versions - Polygraph 2.5.4 and
Squid 2.3-STABLE4). I am running polysrv on 1 machine and polyclt on
another. The request rate being used is 50 req/sec, which I think is
quite low. But, after running for a few minutes, I start seeing
"Connection Refused" and "Host is down" errors on the polyclt side and
then no more requests are generated. Squid does not seem to complain
about anything. (It did complain about 'no buffer space available' when
I first tried to run the test with higher request rates).
        I also doubled up the values of kern.maxfiles and
kern.maxfilesperproc on the FreeBSD box running Squid, but same results.
        I have used the same machines with Polygraph to test a cache
from another vendor with request rate = 400 req/sec, so I don't think
the Polygraph machines are a problem here. So, is there something
special that I need to do to test Squid?

Thanks a lot,

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