v2.6.0b5 for W2K beta testers

From: Alex Rousskov (rousskov@measurement-factory.com)
Date: Mon Feb 26 2001 - 16:08:17 MST

Hi there,

        Several people were interested in beta-testing the Windows
2000 port of Polygraph version 2.6.0b5. Binaries and source code are
now available at

To compile Polygraph sources on W2K using MS nmake and MS VC++:
> cd polygraph-2.6.0b5
> move config.h.w2k config.h
> nmake /f Makefile.mak /nologo

This will create the executables in their corresponding directories.
"Make install" does not work, of course. Pre-compiled binaries are
available at the URL above. We are aware of a few compiler warnings,
but not errors (with VC++ version 6.0).

At this time, we are looking for confirmations that ported code can
run simple.pg and other tests you care about. General feedback is also
welcome, of course. We ran a simple test on a single W2K host for 67
hours at about 110 req/sec with no visible problems.

We expect the current performance on W2K to be worse than on FreeBSD
because MS select(2) implementation is slower; Polygraph will
eventually use "overlapped I/O" on Windows if there is sufficient
demand for it. We also do not know how to tune Windows kernel to
decrease MSL values and to improve the overall performance. If you
have Windows tuning tips, please share them.

Please report all problems to polygraph-bugs@ircache.net rather than
this list. For compilation problems, a _complete_ nmake output would
be appreciated:
        nmake /f Makefile.mak /nologo clean all > nmake.log 2>&1

Thank you,


P.S. I do not know if the same binaries will work on MS Windows OSes
     other than W2K. We only have Windows W2K to produce the binaries.

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