Re: Polygraph applications running as daemons?

From: Artem Veremey (
Date: Fri Feb 23 2001 - 17:56:36 MST

>>>> AR == Alex Rousskov <> writes:

  AR> Probably. If you tell me exactly what you mean by a daemon, and why
  AR> you need daemons, I might be able to suggest a way.

I've figured what's the problem in my case.

I was trying to run multiple polygraph clients and for some reason simple thing like
ssh <host> /<path>/polyclt --console ... --log ...
didn't work. I thought that polyclt for some reason doesn't like when control terminal goes off. The problem in fact appears to be another missing LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
Now works fine.

How do you run tests with multiple clients/servers?
Is it rsh or scheduling based? Or something else?

Thank you

Artem Veremey

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