Re: Clocks out of sync

From: Artem Veremey (
Date: Thu Feb 22 2001 - 17:04:28 MST


  DS> I'm running Polygraph on a SOLARIS 8 system. Both the server and the
  DS> client are on the same box.
  DS> I have a lot of errors "Clocks out of sync" and with a mean delta time
  DS> of 59.99 min. After a while those messages tend to disappear.
  DS> I start using Polygraph and a little bit surprised of those messages
  DS> since processes are running on the same unit.
  DS> Any idea/explanation ?

Polygraph uses Solaris altzone which does not seem to work quite well under Solaris 2.7/2.8. I have a patch that removes altzone at all. Works fine for me.

Here it comes.

Artem Veremey

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