Regarding polygraph useage

From: venkateswaran (
Date: Thu Feb 22 2001 - 13:57:47 MST

Hi Alex,

    We are in the processes of testing squid(2.3STABLE4) using your benchmarking tool polygraph-2.5.4.

This is what we did in our own bake-off,

We fixed the maximum request per second as 25.As given in polygraph document we spilitted the max request in to 10 (3,25,5,22,8,20,10,17,13,15).Each of these 10 test have been carried out for a hour.

As a result squid was not able to handle more than 17 request.

For the above test we followed Polygraph documentation.

We changed only the req/sec and time_duration directives in all the ten tests).

Is there any other directives to be changed in
What is the purpose of and

Running each test for a hour is enough or we have to increase the time-duration?

Thanks for any advice.

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