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From: Alex Rousskov (
Date: Fri Feb 16 2001 - 15:13:50 MST

On Fri, 16 Feb 2001 wrote:

> Hi, I'm jae young kim in INTESAT.
> There are two warnings in configure process of Polygraph 2.5.4 on Solaris 8.
> They are as follows:
> configure: warning :
> No Dummynet header files not found;
> Piper tool will not be available.

Solaris does not have Dummynet feature (it probably has some
replacement though). This is not an error, just a warning. You do not
need Dummynet to run tests. Dummynet provides packet-level WAN/LAN
simulation abilities such as packet loss and packet delays. This
feature is external to Polygraph.
BTW, actual ./configure warnings do not have double negation in them,
do they? :)

> configure: warning :
> No ncurses library or header files not found;
> Piper tool will not be available.
> Would you let me know how to solve this.

This is also a warning. I would ignore it for now. Ncursers library is
only needed for the polymon tool. Polymon is nice, but optional. You
may be able to install ncurses on your system at a later time.

> When I finish configure and make. I can get
> /polygraph_2.5.4/src/server/polysrv and /polygraph_2.5.4/client/polyclt.
> But when I excute those with ./src/polysrv --config workloads/
> --verb_lvl 5, they don't work and their fail message is
> " polysrv:fatal: open failed: No such file or
> directory"

Looks like your environment is somewhat broken because the linker (ld)
cannot find one of the system shared libraries (
This problem has nothing to do with Polygraph. I am not a Solaris
guru, but, in general, you may need to tell the linker where that
library actually is. Check "man ld" to see if the manual page tells
you how. Use "locate" or "find" to find the library.
> I'm a novice for Unix. Would you help me?

If you have an option of using FreeBSD, you will have fewer
OS-dependent problems. FreeBSD instructions are available at
We would be happy to help you with Solaris as well, but our Solaris
knowledge and access are limited. Please direct further questions to

Good luck,


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