Re: How to see the polyReport?

From: Alex Rousskov (
Date: Thu Feb 08 2001 - 09:54:09 MST

On Thu, 8 Feb 2001, [big5] KIM°»PCHOME wrote:

> We want to know the detail illustration of our results which
> be generated by gnuplot. Could you tell us where we can find the
> detail illustration of our testing result? For example: what is
> the response time of "ims.sc200", "ims.sc304"? And what does the
> value of "wait queue" mean? And so on....Thanks!

IMS stands for transactions containing an If-Modified-Since request.
"sc" is HTTP status code of the response. Thus, ims.sc200 label groups
transactions with an If-Modified-Since request followed by a "HTTP 200
OK" response. See RFC 2616 for If-Modified-Since and response status
code definitions and explanations.

Wait queue is the queue of requests waiting for a connection to be
available (recall that PolyMix-2,3 robots have a limit of 4 open
connections). BTW, "xact.level" label stands for all active (not
waiting transactions).

You will find some other definitions, somewhat outdated, at


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