Re :Re: Stressing in cluster??

From: Mulyadi (
Date: Tue Feb 06 2001 - 08:57:02 MST

Hello Mr Alex Rousskov

> Standard workloads are symmetrical and "uniform". That is, each
> Polygraph client (server) runs the same number of equally configured
> robot (server) agents. One can design a workload that is not
> symmetrical and not uniform. Most configuration options are per-agent.

I search the docs, but i can't find it. maybe you can give me some hint to
do it??

> What is "speed of the test"? The total peak throughput should be
> determined by the device under test. Polygraph can accommodate
> virtually any request rate by adding more client and/or server PCs. As
> a rule of thumb, make each Polygraph PC comfortably loaded and add
> more PCs as needed to support that level of "comfort" while getting
> the required total request rate.

Mr. Rousskov, my final target is to maximizing paralelism on my cluster. If
we run several scenario sequentially through single machine, i think it will
to long . I think it will be more efficient if i can distribute several
client and server pair on my cluster

So my question is :

1. Can we configure Polybench so that we "fool" them so they act on
homogenous machine?? I need this information, because my machines is not
identical. In my lab, several machine are Pentium, the rest is Celeron.

2. Is there any tool to automate generating several scenario ?? So, i run
client server pair with cache hit eg 5% until 60%, with increment about 5 %
for example

pardon me to ask like this, because this is the only way to minimize our



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