Re: Netperf throughput vale only has 1.6Mb/sec

From: Alex Rousskov (
Date: Mon Feb 05 2001 - 17:21:11 MST

On Tue, 6 Feb 2001, [big5] ΥíPCHOME wrote:

> Dear All:
> Hello! We follow the documents
> "Setting up FreeBSD for use with Polygraph." and
> " How to run polymix-3?" to setup up polymix-3.
> When we run the ipfw set on server machine:
> #ipfw -f flush
> # ipfw pipe 1 config delay 40ms plr 0.0005
> # ipfw pipe 2 config delay 40ms plr 0.0005
> # ipfw add pipe 1 ip from any to 10.X.0.0/16 in
> # ipfw add pipe 2 ip from 10.X.0.0/16 to any ou
> then our Netperf throughput value only has 1.6Mb/sec.
> But if we only run "#ipfw -f flush" on server machine,
> then its vlaue can up to 89Mb/sec.
> our configuration:
> PIII 800Mhz *1
> 512Mb main mem.
> 30 GB IDE hard disk
> 3com 10/100Mb network card
> FreeBsd 4.3 with squid-2.3.STABLE4
> Could you give us some advice?

You should either

        - run netperf using test addresses outside of the
          10.X.0.0/16 range (in our setup, primary addresses of
          Polygraph machines are outside that range),


        - run netperf before enabling dummynet delays.

Netperf ties response time and throughput and, hence, cannot show
meaningful throughput measurements in environments with packet delays.


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