Poly 2.2.8

From: Alex Rousskov (rousskov@ircache.net)
Date: Mon Dec 27 1999 - 01:11:35 MST

Hi there,

    Web Polygraph 2.2.8 is available. The change log is attached.

    AFAIK, this release does not include bug fixes that are worth
mentioning in the preamble. Most of the changes deal with off-line log
analysis. Lx has been split into lx and ltrace (see change log for
details); both can now handle multiple logs appropriately.

A new tool to generate reports based on binary logs was added
(tools/ReportGen). ReportGen is set of perl- and gnuplot-based scripts. The
scripts generate reports in HTML, including "executive summary" and
"traces" sections. We hope to fully document this tool within 24 hours.


---------- change log -------------
2.2.7 -> 2.2.8
    - added "req_inter_arrival" field to Robot to specify other
      than Poisson inter-arrival time distributions; for example,
      downtime test will use constant distribution (PGL)
    - redesigned lx to concentrate on phase-related statistics and
      support multiple log files; phases with equal names are
      merged, and phases with different names are concatenated to
      produce correct "totals"
    - added `ltrace', a tool to generate traces based on binary
      logs; this functionality was moved from `lx' that no longer
      supports trace extraction
    - changed naming scheme for log objects to be more consistent
      and scalable, added a few new objects
    - log statistics about transactions waiting for resources to
      become available (e.g., requests waiting for a robot
      connection pool to allocate a connection); this changed log
      format, unfortunately
    - dump more information on "foreign content <tag>" and
      "malformed content <tag>" errors
    - added a cool "summary" screen to polymon
    - do not quit when all phases met their goals when there is a
      positive idle timeout; wait for that timeout to expire (so
      that servers do not quit while clients are running)
    - do not log ascii representation of addresses when storing
      current state
    - "level" statistics was not maintained properly between
    - "fill" stream was measured as "miss" stream instead of
      "cachable miss"; polyfill-2.pg was not affected because all
      polyfill objects were cachable
    - gettimeofday(2) system call is broken on FreeBSD; make sure
      internal Polygraph clocks never go backwards and show sane
    - avoid infinite recursion coredumps when we fail to write a
      log entry; report and try to salvage logging errors instead
    - do not dump core if a phase has no name, use "" name instead

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