Problem about IP alias..

From: 8823559 (
Date: Sun Dec 26 1999 - 12:07:26 MST


    I set srv_ip and rbt_ip respectly as following:

        addr[] srv_ips = ['10.100.1-4.1-250:8080'];
        addr[] rbt_ips = ['10.100.129-130.1-175'];

but get following error messages...

[root@speed polygraph]# ./src/polyclt --config workloads/
--verb_lvl 10 --proxy 140.113.88..171:3128 --log clilog --cfg_dirs

./src/polyclt: no Robot matches local interface addresses
Robot addresses:
local addresses:
000.03| got 0 xactions and 0 errors
[root@speed polygraph]#

   The ip of this machine is '' and we have a NAT server
in ''.

   Do I need to change the ip of local server to be private ip, too?..

  PS: It(The same setting) runs normally in 'polysrv'.

  Thank you very much.

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