Re: request rate and number of robots

From: Alex Rousskov (
Date: Thu Dec 23 1999 - 12:10:25 MST

On Fri, 24 Dec 1999, 8823559 wrote:

> Does 'one robot of req_rate = 500' equal '5 robots of 100 req_rate' ?...

It depends on the robot configuration. For simple configurations,
aggregating robots probably does not change the workload. When you start
adding limits on connections and other per-robot options, aggregation
changes the workload a lot. In other words, it depends what a robot is
> What are the possible differences between them?...

Different request stream and number of concurrent open connections, at
least. The exact difference will depend on the robot configuration.

In a sense, you are asking a question similar to "Are 500 browsers
equivalent to a single proxy cache generating the request stream of the
same intensity?".
> And, it seems that I can't use '--robots' option when starting polyclt
> . Do I miss something?...(Later versions don't support this?)

The number of robots is controlled via PGL in Polygraph 2.x. You can
change the number of robots by changing the number of IP addresses the
robots are assigned to (Robot's "hosts" field) and/or by "cloning"
robots. Ideally you want to use the former with a large number of IP
aliases per box. For example, at the second bake-off, we will be using
1000 aliases(robots) per client machine.


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