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From: Alex Rousskov (
Date: Mon Dec 20 1999 - 09:10:27 MST

On Mon, 20 Dec 1999, 8823559 wrote:

> I can use to test my proxy(there were replies from proxy and
> the proxy did cache something)while nothing is returned when I use
> instead.

We probably need more information in order to help you. You need to
raise verbosity level on both client and server sides (e.g., --verb_lvl
10) and look at the console output. You should see robots attempting to
connect to the proxy and perhaps some errors or other abnormal
conditions. If the output tells you nothing, please send it to us.

One caveat is that most workloads have launch windows
(Robot::launch_win) configured by default. If you have only one or two
robots, the default window may be an overkill: You may end up waiting up
to launch_win to see the first request. The default setting of
launch_win in PolyFill-2 is 3 minutes. Thus, either decrease that
setting or be prepared to wait long enough for the first request.


P.S. Please do not send multiple copies of your question to the list.
When posting, you are likely to get bounced messages from mis-configured
"vacation" programs and for other reasons. Simply delete those messages.

> I've modified the srv_ip and robot_ip field to adjust my environment
> and below are my commands for polysrv and polyclt:
> ==
> ./src/polysrv --config workloads/ --cfg_dirs
> workloads/include/ --verb_lvl 10 --log srvlog
> ./src/polyclt --config workloads/ --verb_lvl 10 --proxy
> --log clilog --cfg_dirs workloads/include
> ==
> Do I miss something?... Thank you very much....

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