Poly 2.2.7

From: Alex Rousskov (rousskov@ircache.net)
Date: Wed Dec 15 1999 - 16:18:55 MST

Hi All,

    Web Polygraph 2.2.7 is available. The change log is attached.

    This release includes one important bug fix and minor logging
improvements. We were hunting the size distribution bug for quite a
while and finally got it fixed (again). Testers should expect smoother
and more predictable workload behavior. Please see change log for

If you are preparing for the bake-off, you want to upgrade your
Polygraph installation (including content.pg file) and see if the fixed
workload is "easier" on your caches.


---------- change log -------------
2.2.6 -> 2.2.7
    - added "--time_scale" option to lx; positive values make lx to
      print relative [to the run start] time for traces, scaled by the
      specified amount
    - added "Traces" macro to represent most "traceable" objects in lx
    - added rptm_mean:hit and rptm_mean:miss to lx's All micro
    - only redirect standard output when --out option is used (lx); used
      to redirect error streams as well
    - try to skip corrupted entries in [otherwise valid] binary logs
    - implementation of lognormal distribution used incorrect standard
      deviation leading to occasional huge objects and
      smaller-than-configured means; in other words, lognormal
      distribution was "too random" and of different shape
    - changed content sizes for cntOther and cntDownload after fixing
      the lognormal distribution bug (above) to get the right mean
      object size
    - removed percents from Server.direct_access array; those values are
      ignored by Polygraph because servers calculate them from scratch
      to match "global" content distribution
    - the sum of squared values was not computed correctly leading to
      incorrect readings for standard and relative deviations for
      samples with sampled values larger than 46341

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