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From: Alex Rousskov (
Date: Mon Dec 13 1999 - 07:43:16 MST

On Mon, 13 Dec 1999, 8823559 wrote:

> 1. How to fill a cache(Can it be done by polyclt?..)

You can use workload (with appropriate modifications for
cache size and IP addresses, as usual).

> 2. Can the reply be cached by a proxy between polysrv and polyclt?

Depending on your workload, some replies may be cachable. Whether the
proxy caches them is a separate question. Most proxies will cache
cachable responses generated by Polygraph. [ Some proxies will even
cache uncachable responses!] See the list archive on how to debug the
problem if your proxy refuses to cache anything.

> 3. I had a experiment of 30mins with polysrv, polyclt, and proxy to
> benchmark the efficiency of the proxy. The commands of polysrv and
> polyclt are:
> ...
> "" is almost the same with "" except the
> server ip and robot ip.
> However,it seems that the hit ratios are all 0.00. Why?..

The robots in workload do not have recurrence ratio
configured. To get hits, look how robots in are configured.
> 4. Can be used?.. It can't even open the ""
> which is included in

Yes, can be used. Use --cfg_dirs option to specify where
the include files are. By default, they are in the workloads/include

You my want to read benchmarking reports available in the "Results"
section of the Poly site to get a better understanding of the
procedures. Also, a HOWTO document written for the second bake-off
might help:



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