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Date: Mon Dec 13 1999 - 07:26:09 MST

 Hi all:
     I got some questions of using polygraph, can you please help
 me deal with it?.. (I've read the documents but can't find the answer)
     1. How to fill a cache(Can it be done by polyclt?..)
     2. Can the reply be cached by a proxy between polysrv and polyclt?
     3. I had a experiment of 30mins with polysrv, polyclt, and proxy to
        benchmark the efficiency of the proxy. The commands of polysrv and
        polyclt are:
        ./src/polysrv --config --verb_lvl 5 --log srvlog
        --console srvconsol
        ./src/polyclt --config --verb_lvl 5 --log cltlog (Does "under construction" means
        --proxy --console cltconsole
        "" is almost the same with "" except the
        server ip and robot ip.
        However,it seems that the hit ratios are all 0.00. Why?..

     4. Can be used?.. It can't even open the ""
        which is included in

     Thank you very much for answering..:)

                                                        ynlin from TAIWAN

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