Re: polymix-1: ran out of new oids.

From: Alex Rousskov (
Date: Fri Dec 10 1999 - 11:28:06 MST

On Fri, 10 Dec 1999, Serge Ayoun wrote:

> I am running polygraph 2.2.3:
> after running 10 minutes polymix-1, polyclt prints outs this error:
> ran out of new oids.
> the request rate drop down and also the hit ratio does.
> Any idea?

Please use the latest Polygraph release, it has some optimizations to
reduce the number of oid errors. The error you are seeing is harmless in
Polygraph 2.2.6 unless you get a lot of them well into the test. In
short, Polygraph complains that it does not receive sufficient feedback
from the server to produce the configured request stream. For example,
it sends many more requests than it receives replies.

Polygraph 2.2.6 can adjust internal parameters in the attempt to prevent
these errors from occurring after the warm-up phase.

Finally, except for some edge effects in the beginning of a test, these
oid errors should not affect neither request rate nor hit ratio. What is
more likely is that the proxy under test cannot keep up with the
traffic, produces many false misses, and hence increases response time.
Consequently, the server reply rate gets smaller than robot request
rate, and synchronization mechanism complains about lack of new oids.


P.S. We are finishing the Web page that documents all custom error

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