Re: [Re: Propose FreeBSD 3.3 for dummynet packet loss and delays]

From: Glenn Chisholm (
Date: Tue Dec 07 1999 - 15:29:47 MST

> I am still not clear how to use the piper tool with the DummyNet
> simulation.
> Can someone please tell me the steps to set up the WAN simulation
> using PolyMix-2 workload?

I would suggest that you first take a look at :


It describes the pipes that will be created when you use the tool. It
defines several different types of pipes.

Then, take a look at the bottom of :


/* same for the pipes (the pipe configuration will be changed to a more
 * complex as soon as we settle down on the robot:server ratio */

pipe56KbpsIn.hosts = rbt_ips;
pipe56KbpsOut.hosts = rbt_ips;
pipeDomesticSrv.hosts = srv_ips; // this will have to be more complex

use(pipe56KbpsIn, pipe56KbpsOut, pipeDomesticSrv);


This allows you to specify what types of pipe will be allocated to either
your client or server IP's.

Finally you run the tool :

./piper --config ../workloads/

It must be run as root.


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