lx --phase not working?

From: John Dilley (jad@akamai.com)
Date: Thu Dec 02 1999 - 19:20:05 MST

I am trying to use polygraph to characterize the performance of some of our
Akamai servers. I've gotten two polyclt systems and a polysrv to generate
sufficient load to saturate a server. Now I want to examine the results. I
have a PGL file with a couple of phases, but lx --phase does not print any
useful information (all the results come out either -1 or 0). If I say
lx --objects All without a phase I get a histogram, which appears to be
valid. I can not tell if it is for the first logged phase (the first one
with log_stats=true), the second, or both.

What I really want is to be able to have a set of phases, each at a specific
load level (req_rate), and look at each of them separately. I could do this
by creating 5 or so PGL files, but then I have to set up the server and
poly* 5 times; I'd prefer to avoid this if possible. What do you guys use to
get response time by offered load in the bakeoff runs? Am I missing
something obvious? Thanks for the help,

-- jad --
John Dilley

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