RE: Hit ratio again

From: Diego Mauricio López (
Date: Thu Dec 02 1999 - 14:21:20 MST

 thanks for your patience answering my questions
I still have problems with hit ratio,Mi deal is to prove that the Netscape
Proxy Server is not a good Proxy Server, it was installed by some compaq
staff and i dont have administration access for examinigs its logs; but it
have to be well configure and caching objects although your perfomance with
real connections is poor; that is the reason i want to proof that the proxy
is not working well;
In instalation time i got the above warning:

No Dummynet header files found piper tool will not be avalible!

Could your make a test with my proxy?...
IP :8080
I atach my traces log..
thanks a lot!




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