Re: Too many open files problem

From: Alex Rousskov (
Date: Wed Dec 01 1999 - 11:05:27 MST

On Wed, 1 Dec 1999, Daniel Chandran wrote:

> In file, I had to set the RobotCnt variable to N in R**N,
> because RobotCnt is used to set the request rate per robot.

Yes, this is one way of accomplishing what you want. If you imply that
it is a bug in the specs, I would have to disagree because there is no
way Polygraph can guess what your intentions are; the default setting
relies on people using IP aliasing rather than cloning (to match
bake-off environment). It's perfectly fine to modify the workload, but
you become responsible for all the side effects. :)
> On a related note, PolyMix-1 and DataComm-1 workloads define a constant request
> rate. But I see graphs of Req/Sec vs Mean Resp Time graphs with Req/Sec
> constantly increasing. How were these graphs generated?

Where do you see those graphs? :)

For PolyMix-1 and DataComm-1:
    - request rate (load) must be constant
    - reply rate (throughput) should be constant unless a proxy
      cannot keep up
    - offered hit ratio must be constant
    - server side response time should be constant
    - measured response time or hit ratio may not be constant, especially if
      proxy gets "sicker" with time (some DataComm-1 graphs on our
      report show that trend)

All "constant"s above are "constant when averaged over sufficiently large
window", of course.


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