workload, request rate and robots.

From: Serge Ayoun (
Date: Wed Dec 01 1999 - 07:36:20 MST


I have used your scripts and they seem to work fine, however a little bit
too slow.

using polymix-2 and one client server configuration with our proxy between
them. I have fixed the request rate to 150 request/sec, however I am getting
a throughput of 10 to 12 requests per seconds; the proxy machine is not busy
at all and no error report on both client and server sides.

Another point: I have fixed the phase unit time to one minute (instead of an
hour), but this should not explain the low request rate.

Do I need to increase the number of robots? or is it done automatically
whith the request rate?
I understand that the robot is a thread which sends requests but why do the
user need to control this parameter?


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