Re: Hit ratio again

From: Alex Rousskov (
Date: Wed Dec 01 1999 - 00:16:58 MST

Has anybody used Polygraph with Netscape Proxy? Were you able to get hits?

On Tue, 30 Nov 1999, [iso-8859-1] Diego Mauricio López wrote:

> i am stressing my Netscape Proxy Server following alex directions:
> 1. i installed the last polygraph version (2.2.5)
> 2. run a PolyMix-2 test:
> src/polysrv --config workloads/ --verb_lvl 10 \--cfg_dirs workloads/include
> src/polyclt --config workloads/ --verb_lvl 10 \--cfg_dirs workloads/include --proxy
> And i still dont have hit ratios; Alex adviced me
> 1. sincronize my Linux machine clock with the proxy it mandatory?....i am not alowed to do it (execute rdate command)
> because i am not allowed to connect to the proxy machine...

It is not mandatory. However, if proxy time is different from server time,
it may not cache any responses because they would appear to be generated
"in the future". It all depends on the caching policy that Netscape is
using, and I do not know what that policy is.

> 2. i Run the test with 55% offered hit ratio. and i dint get some hits
> 3.i enabled the --prn_false_misses=20 and i got the following traces are those correct traces?:

What you need to do is to wait till Polygraph complains about the first
false miss and then go back in trace and find the other request(s) for the
same object. After that, you just apply your knowledge of HTTP and common
sense to decide whether the object should have been cached.

> I did not recive the attached file called "". I am not
> sure how do i fill my cache, may be it can help me, so if somebody can
> sen me that file...

The problem you experience is not related to filling the cache. Polygraph
does not reuse the objects from the fill.

BTW, can you get hits from that proxy when you revisit real Web pages?


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